Play in the Park – the Play Disney Parks App is Here

Play in the Park – the Play Disney Parks App is Here

I love how Disney continuously strives to improve and enhance their visitors’ experiences in the parks. They move with the time, embracing technology in a way that brings another level to the worlds they create. Disney’s latest new innovation is the Play Disney Parks app which has a release date of June 30th but is already available to download from the App Store and Google Play and supports both Walt Disney World Florida and Disneyland.

Getting Started

To get started you need to sign in or create a Disney account at and select a destination.


You can then create a Playfile by giving yourself a Player Tag and selecting a Profile Picture which, unlocked an achievement for me. Next up you can add other players in your group and you are ready to play.


Music to Take You Back

I have just downloaded the Play Disney Parks app and I love it. It is definitely not just an app to play in the Parks but one that can magically transport you back to Disney World or Disneyland through its wonderful playlists with music inspired by the different rides and areas in the Parks as you virtually explore the Small World styled maps of the park.


I am currently sitting in the garden with my laptop writing this, listening to Soarin’ music with a big smile on my face remembering all our happy visits. This app is a genius idea.


Interactive Games & Activities

I can’t wait to visit the Parks again and test out the interactive games that you can play with family and friends which are available in select attraction queues such as Peter Pan’s Flight and Soarin’. These promise to immerse you like never before in the stories of the Disney theme parks which will go a long way to taking the pain out of long queues for popular rides. Clever idea Disney, our phones are never far away from us these days so being able to integrate them into the park experience and use them with the rest of the people in your party is fantastic.


For those of you who are fans of Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure in EPCOT you will be pleased to hear that it is now integrated into the app. We love playing this when we visit so it is another one for our hitlist on our return.

Disney Trivia

Also included in the app is the location-specific trivia which gives you a set of 10 questions to test your knowledge based on different areas of the park interspersed with interesting facts based on the location. Perfect for a Disney nut like me who is forever on a quest to become a Disney Trivia Master.


The fun doesn’t stop there though as you can earn and share themed achievements in the form of digital collectibles which are awarded for experiences in the app and across the Disney theme parks. I wish I was visiting this year so I could compete with my hubby to collect them all the attraction achievements.


Disney set out to create an app that “…allows our guests to feel a powerful and emotional connection to their favorite parks in a whole new way, which is always our goal,” Dan Soto, Vice President, Digital Experience, Disney Parks and Resort Digital and I think it’s safe to say they definitely achieved it and more.

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