Be Our Guest Breakfast Experience at Walt Disney World

Be Our Guest Breakfast Experience at Walt Disney World

***This post was written shortly after our first visit to Be Our Guest in 2015. We have returned for breakfast, lunch and dinner on each visit since so keep an eye out for more posts. It’s a must do restaurant for us. *** 

One of the most memorable dining experiences from our 2015 Disney Trip had to be our breakfast at Be Our Guest Restaurant. It felt very special from the start as due to the fact that our booking was for 8.30am we had early entry into Magic Kingdom and got to stroll down a very quiet and deserted Main Street on the way to the restaurant making it the perfect start to our day. I have always liked Beauty and the Beast but after dining inside the Beast’s castle I came away even more in love with the film.


Breakfast Options & Ordering

I am one of those awkward “no dairy” people which can often result in delays when ordering while checking the menu options but not at Be Our Guest. The ordering system is fantastic as you select your menu options from a screen before you enter the dining rooms. You can filter to exclude any allergies or foods to avoid which makes it so easy for anyone who has special dietary requirements.

The menu itself is not your run of the mill breakfast menu, it has some seriously delicious options which you can check out here. I went for the Open Faced Bacon and Egg Sandwich which was beyond delicious. I wish I could recreate it at home myself. My husband had Eggs Florentine and the kids had the French Toast and Scrambled Egg options all of which were amazing. All our breakfasts were served with fresh fruit and a selection of pastries with special dairy free ones for me.
Our amazing breakfast is served!


Dining Rooms

Once you have made your menu selections you choose where you would like to sit and as if by magic your food appears in a very special trolley. There are three dining rooms to choose from:

  • The Grand Ballroom – Go for baroque in this magnificent ballroom with its high, domed ceiling, chandeliers and snow-laced Gothic arches. 
  • The West Wing – Dine in the Beast’s mysterious West Wing study—if you dare—and perhaps you’ll even spy his enchanted rose.
The Enchanted Rose in the West Wing


  • The Castle Gallery – Get swept up in the romance of Belle’s private library, and inspired by the larger-than-life figures of Belle and Beast dancing.

We picked the Grand Ballroom, it was amazing to dine where Belle and the Beast danced and to see the snow falling outside the window despite the intense Florida heat outside. Every detail such as the ceiling decor is so close to the film, I felt almost transported into the world of Beauty and the Beast.

Detail just like in the movie

While there I played the famous ballroom dance scene on YouTube for my kids which totally brought it all to life and it really was amazing seeing the level of detail reproduced in real life.


After our meal we wandered around the other rooms, the enchanted rose in the West Wing is Spectacular as are the dancing figures of Belle and the Beast in the Gallery.

Belle & the Beast dancing in the Castle Gallery

By the exit you will find the beautiful stained glass window of Belle and the Beast. My twins were fascinated by it, as was I. I have to admit I really did not want to leave the castle and I can’t wait to return for both breakfast and dinner on our next visit.


Be Our Guest Restaurant is more than just a restaurant, it is a very special experience. Go, enjoy it and feel part of Belle’s magical world. You will love it and the food definitely won’t disappoint either.  If you are going for dinner be sure to try the grey stuff – it’s delicious I hear!


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