My First Haircut at Magic Kingdom

My First Haircut at Magic Kingdom

The Most Magical Haircut

Where better to get your child’s first haircut than Walt Disney World? The Harmony Barber Shop in the Magic Kingdom is just the place to visit if you are after a very special experience for this milestone moment in your little one’s life. We took Zachary to get his debut cut for back in 2016 and it is something that makes me smile every time I think back to it.

The Harmony Barber Shop

The Harmony Barber Shop is located in the left corner of Town Square after you enter the Magic Kingdom, just look out for the red and white barber pole outside the shop. Inside it just oozes old-world style charm and has that special magical feeling you come to expect from all things Disney. The Barbers are so welcoming and chatty, not to mention clearly adept at dealing with easily distracted kiddies which makes what can potentially be a stressful experience, thoroughly enjoyable instead.

Zachary’s First Haircut

When it was Zachary’s turn he happily sat in the barber’s chair and played with the spinning Mickey he got to choose from a range of Disney themed toys to keep him entertained while the barber got to work. She also cleverly put Mickey stickers on his shorts and when she needed him to look down told him to look at the Mickeys, a simple but very effective tactic.

As this was not just any haircut, but a Disney haircut, there was extra magic in the form of Pirate Treasure sprinkled on top once the cut was complete. The barber also sprinkled Zachary’s twin sister Zoey’s hair with Pixie Dust which she was over the moon about. Thankfully that helped to quell any jealous over the attention Zachary was getting.

Finally, the very special My First Haircut Mickey Ears were placed on and Zachary was presented with a certificate and a wrapped up lock of his first blonde lock of hair, something I treasure as I loved his little blondie curls.

Our Verdict

It was such a wonderful experience I can, without doubt, recommend it. The My First Haircut package is very reasonable, costing $25 which considering all the magic involved is a bargain. Our then 6-year-old son also got his hair cut and enjoyed the experience just as much as his little brother. The barbers really do go out of their way to make everyone feel super special.

A child’s haircut (age 9 and under) costs $18 while an adults cut is $19. It is worth booking in advance, just call (407) WDW-PLAY or (407) 939-7529 to make a reservation. Another one to add to your WDW bucket list.


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