Festival of the Lion King

Festival of the Lion King

I always look forward to the shows at Walt Disney World and Festival of the Lion King is a favourite. It is a fast-moving theatrical show which retells the tale of Simba’s journey to become King of the Pride Lands. We have seen it loads of times but always return for another show when we are in Animal Kingdom. It is 30 minutes of non-stop entertainment with sounds and sights to delight audiences from start to finish.

Simba - Festival of the Lion King

Music, Theatrics, Acrobatics & More

The show opens with the four singing performers who lead the festivities and represent the animal sections of the audience. They introduce themselves using their Swahili names which typify each character’s personality throughout the show and lots of fun banter between them ensues.

Kiume - Festival of the Lion King
Kiume (meaning strong and manly)

What follows is a series of acts which bring the story of the Lion King to life and keep the audience on the edge of their seats. Dancers in African inspired festival costumes adorned with beads, feathers and fringing, some balancing on stilts amaze with their moves. Puppets including a lion, warthog, elephant and giraffe on floats appear and are so realistic you would be forgiven for thinking Disney has extremely well trained wild animals. A juggling fire-eater takes center stage and both scares and delights with his antics, he definitely had me watching open-mouthed. One of my favourite parts is when the cheeky Tumble Monkeys perform. They do the most amazing acrobatic tricks on the high bars, rings and trapeze and their fun characters shine through.

Elephant puppet - Festival of the Lion King

Audience Participation

I love that the audience is divided into teams from the start, with some lucky individuals singled out to join the cast which makes for very special Disney memories. My little lion cub was chosen to lead the lions during our first trip and 3 years on he still recalls his moment in the spotlight fondly, as do I.

My Thoughts on the Show

The thing that struck me during the Festival of the Lion King was the amount of colour and energy. Incredible performers, individually all so talented, come together to create this wonderful celebration that transfixes all who watch. My daughter was just 2-years-old on our first trip and she was completely and utterly mesmerised by it. It really is a festival to wow both young and old.

Zoey transfixed throughout the Festival of the Lion King
Zoey transfixed throughout the Festival of the Lion King

There are so many things to love about the Festival of the Lion King. The familiar Lion King songs which the singers brilliantly perform heighten the atmosphere and have everyone singing along. The music, dancing and acts along with the marvellous costumes, 136 in total for the 50 member cast, ensure the story of the Lion King is brought to life in theatrical splendor.

Festival of the Lion King

Where to Find The Festival of the Lion King

The Festival of the Lion King runs every day, on the hour from 10am to 6pm and is located in the Africa region of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. For more details head to Walt Disney World or check out My Disney Experience online or via the app. FastPass+ are available but with so many showings I really don’t think it is necessary, my advice is to save your Animal Kingdom FP+ for Pandora.

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