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About Me



I’m Mags, a blogger and freelance writer from Maidenhead in the UK who is a self-confessed Disney addict. My three kids Ben, aged 8 and 4-year-old twins Zoey and Zachary are completely Disney-fied. We see hidden Mickey everywhere we go, in fact, there is usually a sighting before breakfast is over.

I have always loved Disney and like most kids growing up I dreamed of going there, but it wasn’t until we visited as a family for the first time in 2005 that I truly understood Disney magic. It is a thing, it hits you as soon as you walk down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom and you catch sight of the castle, oh how I love that moment and it hits me just as hard every time I visit.

As a Disney family, who have been lucky enough to visit Walt Disney World in Florida many times and Disneyland Paris we have had amazing experiences and also learned a whole host of things along the way which I will be sharing on this blog in addition to all the latest Disney news I hear. If you are booking a holiday and have any questions or queries feel free to get in touch using the contact form below and hopefully I can help.

Happy reading.

See ya real soon!

Mags xx